Thursday, November 27, 2008

its thanksgiving, so naturally i'll be expressing gratitude now.

first! best friends; you know who you are. thank you. seriously. everytime i do that bullshit.
you roll your eyes at me and tell me to stop being such a moron. you're there when i need someone to talk to. you're there when i need a place to get away from my house at. you're there at 3 in the morning when i'm having a meltdown.
thank you.

insomnia, oh you fickle disorder. thank you for making me the most productive person ever. i love you and hope you never leave me.
i clearly function better without sleep anyway.

thank you america for electing barack obama. you restored a little faith. [minus the massive kick to the groin from prop 8]
thank you obama for being the single most inspiring story of 2008.
i reallyhope this goes well for you, and america.

thank you mother for letting me take the car all summer. im sure you really had things you wanted to do.

thank YOU for showing me how fucking stupid i can be sometimes.

thank you pleasant grove for trying, to the best of your abilities, to give me the knowledge i thirst for.

thank you kurt vonnegut, for continuing to inspire me despite you're current lack of physical existence. you're brilliant and i will recommend your books to everyone i meet til the day i die.

thank you everyone who lets me rant and bitch at them about [insignificant] things.
thank you all the friends who are still there even if they aren't in the "best friends" section- you're all still important awesome people. otherwise i wouldn't surround myself with you :]
i love you guys.

thank you yearbook class. for just....being.

thank you shaw for constantly having faith in me in your own weird way and letting me do yearbook work instead of going to class :]

thank you young for letting me crash in your room after school and melt down in front of you. also, thank you for being such a lame goth nerd :]

thank you daddy for letting me still cry on your shoulder after every stupid fight we have you still let me curl up next to you and watch stupid tv when i feel bad.
thank you daddy for working 3 jobs just to make sure we have enough money to survive and live. you're the most amazing father i could ask for and sometimes i really just miss you.but I'm really glad every time you come home.

thank you ian.

thank you mr. little for NOT putting up with my bullshit.

thank you internetland[andalgorelololol super serial<3] for allowing me to be myself and broadcast it. and to share my photography with more people.

thank you southpark and jon stewart for making it okay to laugh at the most horrid things ever. well, thank you satire in general.

thank you crista for being so vulnerable and open. you're the most inspirational person i don't really know that i've ever talked to. you make me want to be a better person.

thank you civil rights activists and such, you make me a better person.

thank you everyone that's ever inspired me, taught me, raised me, loved me, shaped me, yelled at me, put me down, picked me up, let me be or listened to me.
i'm so eternally grateful for the things you all do for me. I know i don't express it daily, or ever, but i should. you're all so amazing. Even if you've treated me like shit, thank you.
i'm better because of it.
i'm proud of the person i'm becoming.
and don't you dare stop me now.

- Jessica
ps. if i think of more it will be added.

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Riley Spilman said...

Thank God for atheism.

I just thought that was funny. Its 1am.