Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Thoughts On Passion

I'm Jessica.
I want to share a drink with Bukowski
I want to smoke with Thompson
I want to think with Vonnegut
I want to watch the stars with Webley
I want to get mad as hell with Miller and Orwell
I want to see the world like Palahniuk
I want to change people like Milk
I want to sail the seas with Kipling
I want to wander the streets with Yorke and Reznor
But most importantly, I want to live with so much passion that it just comes hurtling out of my soul though any outlet it finds.
passion is the reason for my being.

That's what's so special about all of them.
They care so much about their passion that they're willing to thrust every ounce of them into it.

And that's how it should be.
to paraphrase bukowski, if it doesn't flow out of you like magic don't do it.

I think apathy in general is distasteful.
being "mad as hell" is the best possible medicine for all the shit

Let's go paint the walls of every building and change the world for the better :]


Riley Spilman said...

apathy is bad.

But the apathetic are probably indifferent towards apathy.

I'm tired.

Jessica said...

apathy is disgusting.
I want everyone to kill everyone :D

i'm more tired than you.