Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear Sleep,

Dear Sleep,
Why must you evade me so? I've done nothing to you. All I really need is a few hours to get me by. Why must you refuse me this simple pleasure?
Your presence is the only thing that settles my mind, why have you forsaken me? The drugs don't help, its only chaining you to me, its never restful. My eyes burn and itch as if sandpaper and acid are being rubbed into them at all hours. Bags form under my eyes, so massive and dark that meth addicts whisper their worries. My body aches from the complete lack of rest, my joints click and pop while my spine aches and my neck begs to stop holding up my head.
I growl and snarl at the people around me, like some enraged animal. I can not seem to find a single reason to get dressed or attempt to make myself presentable. Those haunting dark circles under my eyes always stay.
As if being too exhausted to function but doing it anyhow wasn't torture enough, you've convinced my immune system that if I'm too lazy to function why should it? How I loathe you, you fickle bastard. Why do you grant sleep to the wicked and the horrid, but not me? What have I done? Is the damage reversible?
Oh Sleep, dear friend-no, lover- please grant me just one night with you. Those hours would be so precious. I can not force you to stay for more than you wish, you never do.

Please grant me this wish, before I physically destroy myself.



Riley Spilman said...

insomnia is pretty annoying. i used to have anxiety attacks at night that would keep me from sleeping. Nothing to kill yourself over. Just get pills o somethngs, unless those are the drugs you are referencing and not the illegal variety. hmm... what else do i want to say.

lolcat: Can i has sleeps?

Jessica said...

the drugs were the pills of sleep.

i'm so afraid of being dependent on sleeping pills
and all the side effects scare me.