Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things I Never Tell People

You asked me in your slurring drunken voice why I don't sleep.
I didn't have the courage to tell you the truth so I smothered your voice with a drunken kiss.
You told me sleep was to be the savior of the world and all its inhabitants.

I muttered my cynical "Lucky them" into your shoulder. You chuckled and kissed my forehead whispering " I wish you could sleep, its the most beautiful thing in the world." I took the bottle away and put out my cigarette in a puddle, dragging you inside.

As you passed out next to me I began to think and spiral away from reality.

Slowing my breathing. Counting my heartbeats.
I slowly drifted to sleep.

and you don't even remember it.


Riley Spilman said...

Good writing.
Despair is a part of the human experience.

And don't drink, you fall into unreality.

Jessica said...

I've pretty much fucked up every time I do drink so I've decided to stop for a good long time.