Monday, January 25, 2010


At night, I think about the person I could have been had I made different choices.
I'm not really talking dramatically. I just feel like every small choice eventually plays its way into my life and the way it is now.
The first drag off that Marlboro Red 100, that first timid sip of Captain Morgan, or that first hit off Zeus.
I wish I hadn't, most days.

I always wonder how different I would process things had I never even tasted them.

I wonder if I would still believe in God.
I wonder if I would have been in all AP classes.
I wonder if I'd be at an amazing school right now.
I wonder if I'd want to have children someday.

However, I've realized that I like the person I've become

for the most part, anyway.

I'm a snarky, cynical asshole.
but I have good friends and I'm a total badass.
I love the people i hang out with and the place I live

I just wonder what I'd be like if i'd never tried them.

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