Friday, January 2, 2009

how did i become so misogynistic

i mean, i'm a woman.
i have rights and shit.
idon't really want to be shoved back into the kitchen and such.

however, i really wouldn't mind if pretty much every other woman was.

naturally there are exceptions
but really...

jane austen is making me realize more an more how much i hate women.

she wrote this stupid book
she wrote a satire. go her.
she wrote a book full of people she clearly loathes.
merely to make herself look better.?

and now mr. darcy who just treats everyone like shit is really super duper in love with elizabeth?

why the fuck would that happen?

it wouldn't.

i hate this stupid fantasy world these women build

oh he's being a dick because he's afraidddddd.

no he's being a dick because you're annoying and empty headed.

fuck fuck fuck.

why am i always so fucking angry?


Anna said...

Hahah I know the feeling! After years of hating a lot of girls / women for being so obsessed with their looks or clothes shopping or whatever, I've finally learned to enjoy their company.
Fact is, it makes a nice change of pace for a girly friend to force me to try on dresses, as I damn sure don't know what looks good on me.

As for romance though, don't you think our culture encourages women to think like that?

Jessica said...

i guess our culture does this strange thing.
half of the culture is telling women they need to be strong and powerful but they need to be sexy and smart at the same time.
essentially perfect.

and then they other half is telling them they just need to be themselves.

but the ultimate goal of both sides is to have someone else love them.

i'm a strange person.
i survive on my own self loathing and appreciation.

i just think women need to worry less about if someone else can tolerate them.
and more if they can tolerate themselves

i'm not even sure i got anywhere near the answer to that question