Tuesday, January 6, 2009


i've never understood people cheating on each other.
breaking up[while totally awful at that moment] not that fucking hard to do.

stop cheating on her.

and with.....that .

jesus christ.

and now, basically the whole school knows.
because obnoxious people listen in.


she's going to find out from the whole school.
and thats horrible.

whats worse?
i'm afraid she'll attempt to "prove her worth" by fucking him.

and really, if he wins in this at all i'll kill myself.

theres no fucking way the world is okay if that happens.

fuck you.
you're a pig.
break up with her
and let that fucking beast of a human blow you to your hearts content.
but don't hurt that poor innocent girl who for some demented reason thinks you're a good person .



Anna said...

Argh... some guys just don't know when they've got something good, hunh.

Idiots. I hope nobody's heart gets broken, but it wouldn't be high school without a lot of angst and misery...


Abby said...

I think I can guess who this is about...one of the few things that makes it hard for me to be optimistic about people.