Monday, December 29, 2008


this can't be real.

this isn't right

no no no no no.

i feel sad.
and empty
and my stomach/heart hurt.

this isn't right.

fuck, fuck, fuck.


he's too sweet and good.
he shouldn't have to deal with this.

fuck you universe.
if there is a god he clearly loves fucking up everything good and right.

i hate how someone will probably think its just god testing them.
nothing happens for a reason.
were all fucked.
i hate everything.

i can't do this right now.

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Riley Spilman said...

Being on the outside (a certain invisibility) is something that I enjoy. It allows immense freedom, but I can not live like that forever. You need to immerse yourself back into the world, and see how you act in it. You have to accept the world and yourself in it. I'm human, and I have needs and feelings that science prescribe to me. I can't hide that away, and to make an imprint on the world is something I'm inclined to do. Whether all my actions are meaningless or not.